Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hiero 1.2 Released

Release 1.2 of Hiero (see introduction) is now available for use. Following are (most of) the changes that were made:

Improvements Made to Adding of New Nodes

  • Replaced ENTER as shortcut for "Edit Text" menu item with SPACE.
  • Swapped commands, F2 and F3 to make them easier to remember.
  • Pressing ENTER now adds a new sibling node (or child if root is selected). Adding a child is a matter of following up with a CTRL-RIGHT.
  • Added logic to highlight initially created root node text when edited. The same happens when a "[new node]" is edited.


  • Now saving an outline document's properties independent of the user's saving the document.
  • Read-only outline documents are no longer "modified" when their properties are changed.
  • Now highlighting any search results when the node editor is opened.
  • Added logic to force Hiero to run as a single instance application.
  • Added crash recovery functionality (see user guide for details).
  • Added logic to about box to center it on screen.

Fixed Bugs

  • Hiero no longer crashes when document is dragged onto it from a SFTP location.
  • No longer allowing drag/moving of root node.
  • No longer allowing drag/moving a node onto itself (or a descendant).
  • No longer allowing the root node to be "split".

Note: Hiero is still undergoing initial development and as such it may contain significant bugs that could impact its usability. Please use appropriate caution and be sure to save your work regularly using CTRL-S.