Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hiero 1.1 Released

Release 1.1 of Hiero (see introduction) is now available for use. Following are (most of) the changes that were made:

Improvements Made to Adding of New Nodes

  • When a new sibling or child node is added, it is automatically opened in the text editor (which is configurable).
  • New nodes are pre-populated in the node editor as before, but now the text is auto-selected so that it can easily be typed over without your first needing to press CTRL-A.
  • CTRL-ENTER now closes the node editor dialog in addition to ALT-O.
  • CTRL-I and CTRL-K have been replaced with F2 and F3 respectively.
  • Re-parenting a node now auto-opens the node editor just like adding nodes does (again, this can be configured).

Additional improvements to the process of adding nodes are currently being considered that may be included in the next release.


  • A node's statistics (character and word counts) are now displayed when the node is opened in the node editor and when a node is simply selected, that subtree's statistics are displayed on the status bar.
  • The user can now enable/disable logging (in release 1.0, this was enabled by default).
  • You now have the choice to either keep or remove all Pango markup when doing a "flat text" export.
  • The root node of an outline is no longer left focused when you delete a node.


Note: Hiero is still undergoing initial development and as such it may contain significant bugs that could impact its usability. Please use appropriate caution and be sure to save your work regularly using CTRL-S.

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